Share to get 60% Off

Get 60% off by making Instagram posts of yourself wearing our products! No hidden fees. No strings attached. Unlimited, get as many products as you like as often as you like.

At 60% off, for example we are giving away $45 authentic KAWS T-shirts for only $18. Why are we doing this? Because we know that you will love KAWS products, so you will be our Best Advertisers.

How it works?

After order delivery, wear/show your items to make posts. You must make a post for each item you ordered. Your posting deadline is 30 days after the order delivery date.

After posting, DM us your posts and order number. We’ll check your posts. If they meet our requirements, we’ll give you 60% refund of your order (Exclude shipping fee). But if you don’t make a post for each item in your order, you will not get the refund.

We may pause the program at any time.

To Qualify

  1. Have a real Instagram account with at least 100 real followers.
  2. Follow @kawsonlineart.

Private accounts are okay as long as you follow us and allow us to follow you.

Post Requirements

  1. Tag your photo @kawsonlineart.
  2. Your caption must include “@kawsonlineart” in the first sentence, and “#kawsonlineart” at the end.
  3. Your caption must say that you got your KAWS Items for 60% off and others can too.
  4. Your caption must review the product.
  5. Your photo must be you wearing the product and must show the full product.
  6. You must make a post for every item in your order. For example, if you have 3 items in your order, you need to make 3 separate posts before the posting deadline, one post per item. Making 1 post with 3 items does NOT meet this requirement.
  7. In your first post, your caption should tag the person who referred you.
  8. When finished, DM us your posts and your order number to notify us. If you don’t do this, we may not be able to find your posts.
  9. Keep your posts on your Instagram feed for at least 30 days. They should be real posts, not stories.

Our requirements are simple and non-biased. We may ask you to post again if your post doesn’t meet our requirements, but we really don’t want to do that.

Please remember to notify us after you post. If you don’t notify us, we may not be able to find your post and you may can’t get the refund.

If you posted on time and still not get the refund, don’t worry. Most likely you forgot to DM us or we couldn’t find your post. Just DM us and we’ll resolve it quickly.

We may use your post content on our website.

Check Deadline

Your posting deadline is 30 days after delivery date.

I posted but still not got a refund.

This could happen for a few reasons:

  1. You changed your Instagram ID after your order. But we didn’t know that. So we were checking your old account which ceased to exist.
  2. You have a private account. We requested to follow you but you forgot to approve our request. So we cannot access your account to see your posts.
  3. You forgot to notify us and you did not tag your photos with @kawsonlineart. This made it really hard for us to find your posts. We did try to find your posts but sometimes we might miss.

Don’t worry. Just DM us and we can resolve it quickly.

How do we make money?

Give and take 🙂

We give because we believe in the quality of our product and we believe in you. We believe that you will love our product and you will tell your friends.

Yes, we are offering premium KAWS products below cost. But you are our advertisers and this is our advertising. We make our profit from the regular customers who don’t use 60% off for Post.